IMG_4615Hi, I’m Jennie Capitaz. Born and raised in Canada, my family moved to Portugal when I was 15 and since then I have lived and worked on the Silver Coast of Portugal.

For eight years I worked as a project manager at an interior design studio helping create exciting and comfortable living space. The majority of our clients were non-resident home owners who didn’t speak Portuguese. Through managing their projects, many of those clients became good friends, and I was able to experience how frustrating it can be dealing with the normal procedures of having a home and getting things done in Portugal. I can now appreciate how at times the simplest of tasks can become chaotic. Whether it was due to the complex Portuguese bureaucracies, the obvious language barrier or just a matter of simple misinterpretation – it was always baffling!

I wanted to help. I knew I could make a difference. This is how Purely Portugal came to be. My goal is to bridge the cultures and build relationships, creating simple solutions and anticipating people’s needs.

Portugal is a warm and inviting country – I want you to only concern yourself with enjoying your time in Portugal. I will deal with the rest.

Purely Portugal – keeping it simple!

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